The Carlo Bergonzi violins in Baron Johann Knoop's collection

Treasures of Italian Violin Making, Vol. III

published by Edizioni Scrollavezza & Zanrè and Jan Röhrmann, 2022

Foreword by Peter Biddulph

Carlo Bergonzi´s Life by Carlo Chiesa

About Baron Johan Knoop by Adrianus van Kollenburg & Osamu Suga

Michelangelo & Carlo Bergonzi by Chris Reuning

Varnish Analysis by Andrew Fairfax & Laboratory Arvedi

CT Analysis by Rudolf Hopfner

Dendrochronological Analysis by Peter Ratcliff

Photography by Jan Röhrmann

Antonius Stradiuarius Vol. I - VIII
(2010 & 2016)
just 2.000 copies

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Nicolas Lupot

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Tokyo Stradivarius Festival 2018
(2019) nearly sold out,
a few books left for sale only.

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