Antonio Stradivari:
The Complete Works

aims to be an illustrated catalogue of all the instruments made by the master luthier and his sons.

It builds on the remarkable works of research published by violin connoisseurs such as Herbert Goodkind and Ernest Doring, the archives (published and unpublished) of the world’s most renowned dealers such as John Betts, W.E. Hill & Sons, Rembert Wurlitzer, Jacques Français and J. & A. Beare, as well as scholarly studies on violin-making across the centuries.

stradivari-the complete works - cover

A publication of unprecedented Scale

  • 7 years of research by an international team of reputed dealers, scholars and institutions, who are dedicated to preserving the legacy of the master’s work;
  • The most complete list of some 900 Antonio Stradivari instruments;
  • Carefully edited provenances for each instrument;
  • New classification method with new reference numbers attributed to each instrument for identification and insurance purposes, that are independent of their name or year attribution;
  • An appendix with temporary reference numbers providing descriptions of instruments mentioned in violin literature, but have either been destroyed or are kept safe in an old attic or vault.


An exquisite and exclusive production

  • Highest quality colour photographs complemented with black and white archive images from various historical sources;
  • Highly reputed British and Italian teams of design and print production;
  • An exclusive print run of 1000 copies per set of 6 volumes;
  • Valuable tool for violin experts, professionals, collectors, and institutions;
  • A comprehensive index for cross referencing available in print and digital formats;
  • Retail price: £3900 
  • Deluxe Edition of 100 copies: £5000
  • Delivery in 2022

Stradivari Varnish

370 Euro


Tokyo Stradivarius Festival 2018
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Antonius Stradiuarius Vol. I - VIII
(2010 & 2016)
just 2.000 copies

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