Antonius Stradiuarius Volume I-VIII

published by Jost Thöne Verlag, 2010&2016

A collection of eight books displaying 300 instruments of the legendary violin maker Antonio Stradivari. All photos have been printed life-sized, with the cellos ( 34), violas (8), guitars (3) and 1 pochette folding out to about three pages wide. As professional photographer it was in my personal interest to photograph all instruments by myself and to attend the printing process in order to guarantee the highest quality photographs.The printing technique chosen for the reproductions makes use of a special varnishing technique to preserve and enhance the beauty of the instruments. The books contain the history of every featured instrument, researched and written by art historians Alessandra Barabaschi ( Vol I-IV) and Dr. Christian Eder ( Vol V-VIII) alongside comprehensive essays by  various experts. A DVD accompanies this collection, providing precious additional information like measurements, arching samples, detailed views and an exclusive live video recording. Limited to 2000 hard-back linen effect copies and 100 leather-bound copies of each volume. Individually Numbered and registered. 12 views per instrument: complete front and back views; top, back sides and 6 scroll views in natural size; enlargement of f-hole & C bow of front and back.

All texts in english, combined about 2600 pages and 3300 images, 45x32 cm format, slipcases, DVD

Antonio Stradivaris Vol I-VIII  ( 2010&2013) library edition 4300 Euro

Price for de luxe edition on request