Highest standards of photographic and print documentations of fine rare stringed instruments and their bows.

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Publication Edition


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The Jan Röhrmann Standard


My professional, published work as a photographer has focused exclusively on stringed instruments and bows since 1996. I apply the latest medium format digital technology, including a 100 megapixel premium back and refined expertise in lighting, which ensures the highest possible rendering of every image. The critical subtleties of color balance are considered with each representation and worked on with specific software using specialist screens to maximize individual results.


Client data will be treated with strict confidentiality: images will be never published without prior consultation. I work independently and autonomously. I draft a contract specifying the requirements of the client for their review, and proceed upon mutual agreement.

Archive & Data Security

Digital data is not secure until two copies are stored at two different locations. I hire a service which offers highly encrypted 8-TB archives on special data carriers with particularly high long-term stability. The data are archived twice in special vaults in separate buildings in the rock of the Eifel and guarded without any connection to the Internet, 365 days a year. The NoCloud archive is even GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) certified.


I offer three signature editions for those wanting photographs of their instrument or bow. These are vibrant prints on high-quality museum paper that are crafted in-house by me as both art director and technician. Every edition is delivered in a distinct presentation folder including an extensive catalogue of printed measurements and a prepared blank "Conservation report" form. Depending on the edition selected, the number of views, additional detailed images, UV light images, status and dendrochronological reports can be included.

Presentation folder


  • „I have just received the books Treasures of Italian Violin Making, Vol. I+II as a combi offer today.
    They are of the highest quality. I'm really impressed!“
      (T. Echavidre, 2020)
  • „By now, photographs of rare stringed instruments and the name Jan Röhrmann are as associated as bread and butter.“
      (Gregg T. Alf, July 2017)
  • „…magnificent…Jan Röhrmann's photography is excellent throughout…“
      (John Dilworth, The Strad magazine, book review July 2015)   
  • „…The photographs of the instrument are majestic, and enthralling in the high-definition close-ups, both internal and external... .“
      (John Dilworth, The Strad magazine, book review  May 2018)


The Carlo Bergonzi violins in Baron Johann Knoop´s collection

The Carlo Bergonzi violins in Baron Johann Knoop´s collection. The book is published and now available.






TIVM folders - single printed sheets showing life-sized images of  well preserved rare stringed instruments like a small 1773 G.B. Guadagnini viola


In the planning  stages are also own booklet and poster editions about a:
- Nicolo Amati 1668 violin ex Cozio di Salabue, ex Marchesi Dalla Valle die Pomaro, ex  Fiorini, ex Zellweger

- & about two violins by Antonio Stradivari , the1672 c. ex Sellière  &  1717 ex Haemmerle, ex Baumgartner


On a long term: Fiorini, Poggi, The Dolphin Alard project ToIVM Vol IV


Jan Röhrmann regularly travels around the world to photograph rare instruments, bows and collections.

Jan is the photographer that museums, collectors and soloists seek out for documenting rare violins, violas, celli and their bows. He has photographed over 450 Stradivaris and more than 100 Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù instruments along with related historical masterpieces. He employs the highest achievable digital photographic standards and a museum level approach to handling instruments and recording their unique details.

His work has been widely published and is a primary source of information for experts, dealers, violin makers, insurance companies, museums and private collectors. The precise approach he has developed reveals a richness of detail that is essential for creating a historical record of fine instruments. His images are widely referred to for the issuing of certificates, creating monographs for sales purposes and supporting expertise.

Jan lives with his family in the countryside at the Lake Constance 'Höri Peninsula' in southern Germany. Clients are very welcome by appointment.